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How to store batteries...
Battery Life...

Battery life normally depends on some key factors:
A. Operating temperature of the battery
B. Method of charging taken
C. Methods of usage
D. Depth of discharging (DOD) 

Cyclic Life
Giving due consideration to the above factors, the actual life of a battery in cycle service depends on the depth of discharge of each cycle. The greater the depth of discharge of each cycle, the lesser the number of cycles available from the battery. (See Figure 1,2 above)

Standby Life
The estimated life under float service of CS series batteries is 5 years at 20oC/68oF; CM series batteries is 10 years at 20oC/68oF; and CB series batteries is more than 15 years at 20oC/68oF. The float service life is effected by the factors listed above and the number of discharging, the depth of discharging the battery suffers during its life time. The more discharges suffered and the deeper the discharges, the shorter the battery life. The higher the temperature, the shorter the battery life. If the battery temperature remains at an elevated level for an extended period of time, the expected life is reduced by 50% for each 8 to 10oC of constant temperature above 20oC/68oF. (See Figure 3,4, 5 above)

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