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Front Terminal Batteries (19' rack) for Telecom
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CS Series (Small Size) SLA-AGM Batteries *The batteries are normally from 0.2Ah to 28Ah, including 2V, 4V, 6V, 8V, 12V, 16V, 18V and 24V. The batter
CM series More
CM series (Medium size) SLA-AGM Batteries *The batteris are generally from 33Ah to 250Ah. The voltage is normally 6V and 12V. The batteries are used
CB series More
CB series (Big Size) SLA-AGM Batteries *The batteries are generally big ones, from 50Ah to 3500Ah or even up to 5000Ah. The voltage is normally 2V. T
CR Series More
CR Series SLA-AGM Batteries Front Terminal Battery (19' rack) *The batteries are used for Telecom System. The batteries are very popular in Europe and
CG Series More
CG Series GEL Batteries *Gel batteries are lead-acid batteries with gelified electrolyte. The cells of a gel battery are sealed which makes the batter
CT Series More
CT Series Tubular Traction Batteries *The batteries are made with tubular instead of normal plates. The batteries are often used for forklift, etc.
CSM Series More
CSM Series *Starter Batteries for Motorcycles
CSC Series More
CSC Series *Starter Batteries for Cars
CSS Series More
CSS Series Special-Use Batteries *The batteries are used for wind power and solar power, etc. The batteries are with the features of deep discharge a
CSG Series More
CSG Series The battereis are used for golf carts, electrical scooter.