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The final discharging voltage is the battery terminal voltage in close circuit voltage per cell to which a battery discharging safely and maximize battery life. The higher discharging current, the lower final discharging voltage of battery .

         Discharge                      Final Discharging Voltage(VPC)

Up to 0.1CA                                    1.75
0.11-0.17CA                                   1.70
0.18-0.25CA                                   1.67
0.26-1CA                                        1.60
Above 1.1CA                                  1.30

Battery Discharging Characteristics:
Figure 1,2 and 3 show the different discharging current corresponding discharging capacity at 25oC(77oF) for CS Series , CM Series and CB Series batteries. They show that the rated capacity of a battery is reduced when it is discharged at a value of current that exceeds its 10-hours or 20-hours rate. กก

The discharging capacity of battery is depended on the discharge rate being used and ambient temperature (See Figure 4).

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