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Crown Industry Co., Ltd (CIC or CIC POWER), one of the largest lead acid battery manufactuers in China, was set up early in 1998. It was one of the earliest companies to develop and research SLA bateries and has been leading in SLA battery technology and technique in China.

Crown Industry Co., Ltd (CIC) are specialized in lead acid batteries. In order to satisfy different customers' need, CIC also produce GEL batteries, Tubular batteries, Starter batteries, etc.

Crown Industry Co., Ltd (CIC) have set up our own plate factory, which helps the company's  price to be competitve and is greatly helpful to quality control. With qualified staff workers,the state-of-the-art technology, new conception of management,high quality raw materials and strict quality control system in production, CIC have been keeping the products reliable in performance, long in service life and deep in cycle use.

CIC is ISO9001 compliant,the strict quality control assures CIC batteries defect ratio lower than 10-PPM standard. CIC's products are all CE and UL certified, some models are VDS certified. CIC's products now cover different series with more than onel hundred models including 2V, 4V, 6V, 8V, 12V and 24V :

CS series:   From 0.3Ah to 28Ah (AGM)
CM series:  From 33Ah to 225Ah (AGM)
CB series:   From 100Ah to 3500Ah (AGM)
CF series:   From 50Ah to 180Ah (Front terminal batteries)
CG series:   From 12Ah to 3000Ah (Gel Battery)
CT series:   From 110Ah- 1500Ah  (Tubular Battery)  
CSC series: From 35Ah to 125Ah (Car battery)    
CSM series: From 2.5Ah to 24Ah (Motorcycle battery)

CIC¡¯s batteries completely satisfy different customers¡¯ requirements, including the standards: JISC, BS, IE and DIN, etc, you may also expect your new developing models from us. CIC now own one palte factory and two battery factories, which endows the company more advantages in price competition, marketing, and business handling.

CIC's 90% products are exported to West Europe, North America, South East Asia, Australia ,and the brand CIC has impressed the worldwide users.

CIC, the kingdom of Lead Aicd Battery!
CIC's battery, the king of batteries!

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